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Planning Commission

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Current Planning Initiative

Current Planning Initiative In 1986, City staff together with consultants prepared the first Town Center Plan during a period when an intensive effort was being made to revitalize Grove City's downtown. This effort has continued and has preserved the character of the Town Center.

In 2007, the City identified a desire to revisit and complete a new plan to build upon the accomplishments of the original plan and address the current and future needs of the Town Center. On December 3, 2007, the City contracted Lincoln Street Studio to complete the new Plan.

Lincoln Street Studio, along with a team of consultants, began studying Grove City's Town Center and completed the plan in February of 2008. The plan's vision embraces the Town Center's authentic heritage while aspiring to add vibrancy in the Town Center where people can live, work, shop and play. The approved Grove City Town Center Plan was published in October 2008.

Current Planning Initiative The main goals of the Town Center Plan are to maintain the Historic Town Center character, enhance the economic vitality of the Town Center, and address the changing context of the market. The plan provides a guide for future land use and economic development decisions, enabling the City to respond in a proactive manner to the changing needs of the downtown area.

Though a separate project from the Town Center Plan, the redevelopment of the "Old Lumberyard" is expected to be a key factor in bringing a new vibrancy to the Town Center. The plan for the redevelopment of the Lumberyard calls for a mix of uses including three outdoor eating areas, public plaza space and a parking garage.