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Overview of the Plan

The Town Center Plan serves as the blueprint and guide for development-related decisions regarding land use, parking, zoning and traffic planning over the next 20 years. The following is a brief summary of the scope of the plan.

The Town Center Plan outlines goals for streets, parks, parking and redevelopment opportunities for Grove City's Town Center. The Plan applies these goals generally to the Town Center as a whole, and more specifically to individual areas within it. These unique areas, which contain specific implementation strategies include: the Commercial Core, the Broadway Corridor North, East of Core, South of Civic Place, the Original Plat, West of Core, the Former Lumberyard, and South of Grove City Road. The goals highlighted throughout the plan are described below.

The plan outlines goals to create tree-lined streets and sidewalks, as well as new storefront streetscapes, and improved street lighting. As part of this plan, new streets, alleys, and paths are proposed to improve car and pedestrian access. Some proposed roadway improvements include changing select roads from one-way to two-way and narrowing the widths of traffic lanes to create landscaped roadway medians.

The Plan proposes three new parks within the Town Center, one next to the library, and two new parks across from the Lumberyard site (one across Grove City Road and one across Park Street). The Plan also proposes new walking paths be created in Town Center to make the area more welcoming and accessible for pedestrians.

The Plan describes existing parking conditions in the Town Center and offers suggestions for new parking lots to provide greater accessibility to Town Center businesses. In the study, Town Center is broken into blocks and the existing parking is compared against Code requirements. The Plan recommends adding new parking as well as improved signage indicating the number of spaces available in each lot.

Redevelopment Opportunities
The Town Center Plan also highlights properties that currently have access issues, nonconformities, or are vacant or underutilized and marks these properties as potential sites for redevelopment. Surveys show that residents and merchants want more sit-down restaurants, a bakery, a used bookstore, and more arts and crafts businesses (similar to those operating at Mill Street Market) located in the Town Center. The plan also proposes adding high-density residential dwelling units, creating more office space, and reducing the number of industrial and auto-oriented uses in the Town Center.