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Study Area

The original Town Center study area in Grove City was bounded by Cleveland Avenue to the north, First Street on the east and extended approximately 225 feet west of Broadway and 125 feet south of Civic Avenue.

For the new plan, City Council identified the need to expand and redefine the 1987 study area. The official study area for the Grove City Town Center Plan is bounded by Cleveland to the north, Arbutus to the east, Kingston to the south, and the railroad tracks to the west; however many of the studies done as part of the updated Plan also examine the area within a quarter mile of the Town Center.

The Town Center is part of, or contains, three separate districts pertaining to zoning and community revitalization. The Central Business District (CBD) is a zoning designation and is generally defined as the area, extending from Cleveland Avenue on the north to approximately Civic Place on the south. The western boundary is the railroad tracks, and the eastern boundary is delineated primarily by Arbutus Avenue and Breck Avenue. Next is the Historical Preservation Area (HPA) which serves as a type of zoning overlay district and is bound by Southwest Boulevard on the north, Woodlawn Avenue on the south and contains all properties fronting Broadway. The preservation area extends west to east from the railroad tracks west of Broadway to Haughn Road along the Columbus Street and Park Street corridors. The entirety of the Town Center is contained in the Community Revitalization Area (CRA) which spans an area starting slightly north of Beulah Park, west to Demorest Road, east to Haughn Road and south to Casa Boulevard.

City Council has identified the need to expand and redefine the 1987 study area and evaluate the existing boundary of the Historic Preservation Area (HPA) to determine appropriateness of incorporating the AG Grants Beulah Subdivision located west of the railroad tracks. In addition, the City would like to explore the feasibility and appropriateness of re-delineating the multiple district/designation boundaries to coincide with one another.

Town Center Boundaries