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2008 Town Center Plan

In October of 2008, the Grove City Town Center plan was approved and published. The Plan is a guide for current and future needs of the City's downtown area. Utilizing the Plan will enhance the economic vitality of the Town Center while still preserving its historic character.

2008 Grove City Town Center Plan (Please note this document is 51, 11"x17" pages)

In 2010, the City of Grove City commissioned Lincoln Street Studio to revisit and complete a supplemental study to their 2008 Town Center Plan with the purpose of analyzing the economic impact of various redevelopment alternatives for the site located directly behind City Hall, often referred to as the old lumberyard. Originally omitted from the Town Center Plan, the analysis was conducted to provide recommendations for the reuse of the old lumberyard site.

2011 Supplement to the 2008 Grove City Town Center Plan (Please note this document is 29, 11"x17" pages)

Anaylses and Studies

A variety of other analyses and studies were conducted during the preparation of the Grove City Town Center Plan which were not included in the plan itself. There are five appendices for the Town Center Plan, each of which can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Market Analysis (Please note this document is 54 pages)

Assets and Issues (Please note this document is 43 pages)

Case Studies (Please note this document is 24 pages)

Special Studies (Please note this document is 19 pages)

Land Use Inventory (Please note this document is 249 pages)